Instagram Account Management for BlackCocoaGirls INC

Page at 129,000 followers – December 2019 Page at 135k followers – January 2020 1.1million impressions in 7 days window. 200,000+ Content interactions in just 7 days 1.2% growth in 7 days. (Over 2,000 followers) Avg likes per post – 4,400 – 1.39% Avg replies per post – 68 Followers/Following – 2,300 Images engagement –…

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Development of my Social Media Brand – iamdrsavage

Help create viral and explosive meme content to grow and engage social media audience for Dr Savage brand. Now with over 130,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram in two years. Facebook Page Analytics Best Facebook post reached 1.5m people organically with no ad spent. Find post here. Agboola Sodiq – (Excerpt from a proposal…

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#MyCitiHeightHotel Campaign

When a traveller goes online to book a hotel, do they go to your website? Or do they visit sites like, Jumia Travel or Travelstart? How do you position your hotel and website as desirable destinations? Well, the only way a guest visits your site directly is when they recognise your brand. Campaign Goal:…

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