Development of my Social Media Brand – iamdrsavage

Help create viral and explosive meme content to grow and engage social media audience for Dr Savage brand. Now with over 130,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram in two years.

Facebook Page Analytics

Best Facebook post reached 1.5m people organically with no ad spent. Find post here.

Agboola Sodiq – (Excerpt from a proposal to a fintech brand in Nigeria)

This is the analytics of my page’s social media presence for the previous week. My followers are  are mainly from Nigeria, United States and Ghana.

To me, memes and viral contents are a way for people to connect with one another and share. We love them because they make us laugh, because they make us smile, because they are something that we can pass along to others. Memes are fun, and they bring joy to our lives.

I use meme to influence my audience and reach an average of 820,000 users and over 2 million impressions weekly.