TikTok Releases New Tools to Ensure Users Can Credit Trend Originators

TikTok Releases New Tools to Ensure Users Can Credit Trend Originators

On the 18th of May 2022, TikTok releases new tools to ensure users can credit trend originators. TikTok has introduced a new feature that will be the first innovation of its creator crediting tools, allowing innovators to straightforwardly tag and give credit to others using a new button while editing and publication process, after years of uncredited dance and meme theft trends. This button allows creators to credit all types of ideas for their content, such as dances, jokes, viral sounds, and more — and will assist TikTok viewers in discovering the iconic creators that are behind the newest trend by clicking on the credit from the video’s caption.

More prominent creators stealing ideas from smaller creators is a problem that is just not limited to TikTok. However, as one of the most popular social apps available, especially among the younger Generation Z to millennial age group, how it approaches the problem of the creator’s recognition.

Process of giving credit to a creator

To access the feature, users will tap on a new “video” icon on the posting page after creating or editing their own video. Once on the video page, users will be able to select a video they have liked, favourited, posted or that has used the same sound.
After this video is selected, the video tag will be added as a mention in the caption.
Those whose videos were tagged by another creator will then be alerted to this via an alert in their TikTok app Inbox.

Users of TikTok can find the new getting credit tool on the video posting page. When they’re ready, they can press the new “video” icon to scroll through every video they’ve liked, favourited, posted, or from which they have used the same sound. Connections to the video content they choose will show up as labels in the video captions posted by other users.
TikTok also announced that it will include instructions to credit creators “during the publications” and an academic pop-up about the value of good attribution. TikTok stated that the functionalities will be available “in the coming weeks.”

“It’s critical to see a credit culture emerge across the media environment and to assist previously disadvantaged creatives in being appropriately credited and celebrated.”